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Proposed Sponsor Panel

Duckstairs Events Management

Duckstairs Events Management/Project & Recreational Organisation: Providing three Scheduled Events for every Year, for The Exposure and Promotion of All Businesses, Brands, Manufacturing Companies, Organisations, States & Foundations.

Other Events Opportunities for Sale

Three Up-Coming Scheduled Events, for Every Year.

1- Robo-Sonic Tech-Expo Scheduled Engineering Platform, Istanbul/Turkey.

Channelized by Robo-Sonic Tech Brand.

2- Optimum Gala Branding Expo, Global Brands Expo, Toronto/Canada.

Channelized by Gala Branding Agency.

3- Short Film Festival, For the promotion of short films, Dubai, Channelized by Duckstairs YouTube Channel.

Sponsor Panel of Short Film Festival Dubai

Sponsor Panel of Short Film Festival Dubai

Become a Sponsor of Short Film Festival Dubai & Get Exposure & Promotion for Your Business.

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Sponsor Panel for Robo-Sonic Tech-Expo Istanbul/Turkey.

Sponsor Panel for Robo-Sonic Tech-Expo Istanbul/Turkey.

Become a Sponsor of Robo-Sonic Tech-Expo Istannbul/Turkey. & Get Exposure & Promotion for Your Business.

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Sponsor Panel for Optimum Gala Branding Expo Toronto/Canda.

Sponsor Panel for Optimum Gala Branding Expo Toronto/Canda.

Become a Sponsor of Optimum Gala Branding Expo Toronto/Canada, & Get Exposure & Promotion for your Business.

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Proposed sponsor panel, For Robo_Sonic Tech_Expo, Scheduled platform for Every Year for Engineering Students.

Duckstairs Enterprises is an Event Managemen/Project & Recreational Organisation, is organizing Event Sponsor Panel for Scheduled Events by Providing Corporative Perk Services.  LOOP of POOL Panel is Consists on Luminous Sponsors and Proposed Sponsors.

Luminous Sponsors are those who Avail the Event Opportunity Selling, through Media Advertising, and Proposed Sponsor Panel is Consists on those Business Brands and Companies who will be invited for Event Opportunity Selling, through E.mail invitations. Third way for Becoming Member of LOOP of POOL is to Fill this Form, and avail infinite opportunities of Promotion through Content Marketing.

                                    :Incentives for Partnership: 

Event Opportunity Selling Platform by Providing Corporative PERK Services . Join this Programme for multi-max-plus Promotion and Exposure through Content Marketing.:


Custom Tailored Solutions completed 12,782 performance reviews.

Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions

Custom tailored solutions according to essence of business through event sponsorships.



Immersive Excellence through Metaverse Technology.



Exposure & Promotion of Businesses of our Sponsors to Digital/Global Audience.



To Get Set the Direction Orientation towards growth stable Development, of our Clients.

Custom Solutions For Cognitive Diversity in Business

“Unlock the power of cognitive diversity in your business with our tailored solutions. Harnessing the unique strengths and perspectives of your team, we craft custom strategies to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and optimise performance.”

Helps organizations undergo Custom Tailored Solutions.

“Crafting Solutions Tailored Just for You.”

“Elevating Your Brand with Tailored Sponsorship Solutions.”


Performance reviews and check-ins completed


Companies that are embracing 360-degree feedback


Business grows together with recharge.


Revisions made to goals and individual growth plans.

Your business is one-of-a-kind, and requires a tailored solution.

Designed to fit your requirements.

Designed to fit your requirements.

Give business the event sponsorship authority to drive exposure & promotion in line with your strategic objectives.

Implemented by your marketers.

Implemented by your marketers.

Event Sponsorship interface provides marketers with clear value and encourages proactive Promotion Model.

Regarded as trustworthy Digital/Global.

Regarded as trustworthy Digital/Global.

You need to empower Event Sponsorship Power to drive business Promotion performance while ensuring alignment to your strategic objectives.

“Elevate your brand and expand your reach through strategic event sponsorship opportunities. Connect with your target audience, enhance brand visibility, and position your business as a leader in your industry. Let us tailor a sponsorship package that aligns with your objectives and maximises ROI.”

Khurram Mosa

Chief Sponsorship Officer, Duckstairs Group

Maimoona Irm, Female, Belongs from Rawalpindi Pakistan. Dynamic, Innovative, Creative,

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