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Duckstairs Events Management/Project & Recreational Organization

Organizes Events Design by our Own Team. Duckstairs provides Corporative Perk Services to our Sponsor Companies.  our Approaches with the concerns of Sponsorship highring  are Systematic & Cognitive approaches. Digitalization is biggest Support to our System. Our work promotes Global Systematic Approaches with the Collaboration of Digitalization. We Promot System Growth with better Resiliency.

DuckStairs focus is on avoiding Deviations and Promote  Affiliations through Collaborative Potential utilizations.

Duckstairs Enterprise is an Event Management/Project and Recreational Organisation.

Slogan:  Passion meets Vision.

“Discover unforgettable events brought to life with our meticulous planning, creative flair, and dedication to perfection. Explore our portfolio for a glimpse into innovative themes, seamless execution, and delighted clients, as we turn visions into reality.”

Duckstairs Enterprise is an Event Management/Project and Recreational Organisation.

A Glimpse of Previous Work: (None-Scheduled):

.Exporters Expo/ Music Concerts/ Puppet Show/ Education Conference.

.Book Launch Ceremonies/ Brand Launch Ceremonies/.

. Desert DriveRally. Supports Product Launch.

.Paragliding Rise Show/ Supports Promotion Expo/ Political Conference/

Skating & Wall Climbing Supports Festival.

Three Up-Coming Scheduled Events, for Every Year.

1- Robo-Sonic Tech-Expo Scheduled Engineering Platform, Istanbul/Turkey.

Channelized by Robo-Sonic Tech Brand.

2- Optimum Gala Branding Expo, Global Brands Expo, Toronto/Canada.

Channelized by Gala Branding Agency.

3- Short Film Festival, For the promotion of short films, Dubai,

Channelized by Duckstairs YouTube Channel.

Duckstairs Events Management/Project & Recreational Organisation: Organises Events Design by our Own Team. Duckstairs provides Corporate Perk Services to our Sponsor Companies.  Our Approaches with the concerns of Sponsorship hiring  are Systematic & Cognitive approaches. Digitalization is the biggest Support to our System. Our work promotes Global Systematic Approaches with the Collaboration of Digitalization. We Promote System Growth with Better Resiliency.

Reviews Duckstaitrs Events

“Discover what attendees are saying about Duckstaitrs Events! Dive into insightful reviews and testimonials from guests who have experienced our unforgettable events first hand. From the seamless organisation to the vibrant atmosphere, find out why Duckstaitrs Events is the premier choice for unforgettable experiences. Join the conversation and see why our events leave a lasting impression. Explore reviews now!”


All Brand Registration Program:

Branding Max Media is going to Launch four Programs, for

Better Coordination and Collaboration Promotion through

amazing Dynamics of Content Marketing, For multi-max-plus

Business Advantages through Cognitive approaches.

Branding Max Media:

1- Global Marketing Panel-Tech-Affiliates. (GMP-TA)

2- Global Media Panel-DuckStairs. (GMP-DS)

3- Global Sponsor Panel-Loop of Pool. (GSP-LP)

4- Global Brand Panel-Optimum Gala. (GBP-OG)

Membership of these platforms is free by filling a concerned form.



Years Experience in field

Product/ Sponsorship Tiers+Event Tickets

Sponsorship Tiers

Content Marketing

Up-Coming Projects

Up-Coming Projects are here Below.

1-  Robo-Sonic Advance Drones Unit. Digital/Global.

This Project work is on advanced level drones research,

and supply on demand to the market.

2- Optimum Gala Global Brand Panel. Digital/Global.

Optimum Gala is the Panel of Global Brands

for better Collaborative Promotions,

and Digital Events. Gala Branding Agency is Organiser of this

Project. Duckstairs Events Global will Award Gold Plated

Trade Marks to members of this Panel.

3- LOOP of POOL Global Sponsor Panel. Digital/Global.

LOOP of POOL is the Panel of Sponsors of Robo-Sonic Tech Expo.

Corporative PERK services will be served to them

according to their selected Sponsor Package.

4- Wake Organisation of Women Empowerment. Digital/Global.

This Organisation’s work is about women Empowerment

and women Harmoney Globally.

The Robo Sonic-Tech-Expo is a Donor Partner of this Organisation.

5- Robo-Sonic Tech-Industrial Automation Robotics Unit. Digital/Global.

This Unit work is about Industrial automation Projects and

Industries who want to be automotive through Robotics.

They can submit their Demand Note.

This Unite will Provide them services according to their need.

6- Tech Omega I.T Unit. Digital/Global.

The Target of Tech Omega I.T unit is to transformation of recent

world in to digitalization and Project

of Customization and automation of Human Tasks.

7- Robo-Sonic Tech-Brand Digital/Global.

This Brand will Promote Technology

Products in the Market of Sale. This Brand will Create Social,

Civil, and Emotive Connections of the public with technology.  

8- Tech Affiliate Marketing Digital/Global.

Tech Affiliate Marketing Panel work is to sell Technology Products

with two models B to B & B to C  From the same Platform, Duckstairs Affiliate Panel.

My Recent Work.

No Posts Found!

Duckstairs Hook Boat Agencies

“Setting Sail with Duckstairs Hook: Your Passage to Perfect Boating Adventures! These are four Agencies:

1- Dragon Innovative Agency: 2- Duck Creative Agency:

3- Butterfly Subliminal Agency:4- Hedgehog Dynamic Agency:


Duckstairs Event Media

“Capture the essence of your event with compelling media coverage. Our skilled team delivers high-quality photography and videography, ensuring your moments are immortalised with professionalism and creativity. From corporate gatherings to special occasions, let us tell your story visually. Contact us today to elevate your event with captivating media coverage.”



Promises of Duckstairs Event Company To their Clients

Event companies typically make a variety of promises to their clients, aiming to provide comprehensive and successful event planning and execution. 

1- Professionalism:

2- Tailored Events:


4- Reliability:

5- Creative Solutions:

6- Attention to Detail:

7- Communication:

8- Budget Management:

9- Quality Vendors: 10- Post-Event Evaluation:


DuckStairs Events introduces Global Sponsor Panel-Loop of Pool, for Scheduled Events by Providing Corporate Perk Services. 

Proposed Sponsor Panel

Proposed Sponsor Panel is Consists on those Business Brands and Companies who will be invited for Event Opportunity Selling, through Email invitations.

Optimum Gala

Optimum Gala is the Global Brand Panel of Duckstairs Events for the Scheduled Event of Optimum Gala Expo, for MultI-Max Plus Promotions through this Collaborative platform

Global Marketing Panel Tech-Affiliates Duckstairs

Sales of Duckstairs are Based on the B to C Model, through the Tech Affiliates Sales Panel.

Sponsorship Agreement, Duckstairs

The sponsorship agreement is executed between the sponsor and the sponsee and outlines the contract’s terms and the parties’ liabilities.

Global Media Panel Duckstairs

Incentives for Partnership: DuckStair wants to share all Events with the Global Media Panel.

Duckstairs Dynamic Distinctions


Great Interface

Immersive Excellence

Convenient Packages


Content Marketing


Smart Solidity Contracts of Events

Duckstairs Enterprise is an Event Management/Project and Recreational Organisation.


Security & Exchange Commision of Pakistan.





Passion meets Vision.

Dynamic, Innovative, Creative.



Immersive Excellence through Metaverse Technology.

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Immersive Excellence

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Clients Feedback

We Conduct a Product Launch Event from the Platform of Duckstairs, Amazing Service we get through, Product Launch Event get set the direction of client hunting strategic compaigns for our products, we are satisfied and recommend to our circles members to choose Duckstairs Event forever.

Martin Jonas. USA

We conduct an event of a launch school of cosmetology in karachi,  they achieved all the targets which we want to achieve, we are highly satisfied with Duckstairs Events, we recommend to others, and Duckstairs Events is our evergreen choice forever.

Rashed Ka. BD

We conduct a target of Sponsorship Tiers through Duckstairs Platform,  For our Trade Expo We utilise their Sponsorship Tier Services.  They done fantastic job, we always choose and recommend to our friends Duckstairs Events. 

Jubayer Hasan. KSA

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Passion meets Vision

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Technic Building – Office 104-7 – 129 Salah Al Din St – Muteena – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone No: +971 56 508 3758

Commercial Bahria pH:7, Spring North, Plot number 147-148, NOOR TOWER, first floor office number-3, Rawalpindi/Pakistan. Postal Code:46220.

Phone No: +92-0335-1573348

Branding Max Media Multy is a Digital Platform of Duckstairs Events Management & Recreational Organisations from this Digital Platform Duckstairs Highers Sponsorship for Robo-Sonic Tech Expo a Scheduled Engineering Platform Istanbul/Turkey.



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