Duckstairs Events Global Offers a Silver Package of Sponsorship with services offers of Corporative Perk, for Robo-Sonic Tech Expo, Istanbul/Turkey. The Scheduled Technology Plateform for every year. The range of Silver Packages stands in between Four Figures (1,000-9,999). Figure range Provides choices to sponsors. They can choose which suits them best.


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Passion meets Vision

Colours of Passion, “meets”

With wings of Vision“Creates”

Rainbow of Succes,


Dreams come true

Technic Building – Office 104-7 – 129 Salah Al Din St – Muteena – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone No: +971 56 508 3758

Commercial Bahria pH:7, Spring North, Plot number 147-148, NOOR TOWER, first floor office number-3, Rawalpindi/Pakistan. Postal Code:46220.

Phone No: +92-0335-1573348

Branding Max Media Multy is a Digital Platform of Duckstairs Events Management & Recreational Organisations from this Digital Platform Duckstairs Highers Sponsorship for Robo-Sonic Tech Expo a Scheduled Engineering Platform Istanbul/Turkey.



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